For those of us who work in post production 24/7 without much sleep, rest or self-love, I recommend that we dive into the realm of your coaching sessions for genuine healing. For those of us who see the years fly because we can’t stop to smell a rose or look at a cloud in the sky, running busy with our routines without regard for the joys of life outside our bad habits, I recommend that we find the answers to move us toward good habits through your subtle guidance. You move me forward. You decompress my issues and transform them into answers. You organize my thoughts. You enhance focus. You help me take basic steps. You show me reality. You gently hold me accountable for the changes that I choose to make. You are my arctic wind, cleansing my run-on sentences and transforming them into a well-oiled machine of direction and clarity. As a result, I can move. As a consequence, I can function. In a nutshell, I can forgive. Hopefully, I can heal. You are a magician who turns fears into wings. Thank you for your incredible support in the midst of so much debris that life leaves behind. I aim to make art of it. I aim to paint the true reality where joy is the key and love is the answer to it all.

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