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Are you ready to connect with who you are and create the life you want?  Are you ready to live your purpose?

I have personally experienced many of life’s trials and tribulations — from countless health challenges to a contentious divorce to finding purpose and living a healthy work-life balance.  Yet, through it all, I have come away stronger, happier and more confident about who I am than ever!  How does this happen?  The secret lies in remembering how to connect with our insides, our body’s natural energy source filled with love that inspires us to live our truth.

And now, combining my personal life experiences with my professional training as a health and lifestyle coach, I am here and ready to share, support and guide you in overcoming your unique challenges and finding your balance, specifically in the areas of food habits, lifestyle, relationships, physical appearance, spiritual and personal growth and development with simple, fun and practical solutions.

So get ready to take charge of your beauty, health and wealth by saying “YES” to “YOU” first, then allow me to work with you to create a personalized program aimed at helping you work through your unique blockages and get you the clarity you need to create the life that aligns with your purpose and unique talents.  How does this sound?

Could one conversation change your life? Schedule a free initial consultation with me today!  It is designed for you to experience powerful aha moments that will move you forward in your life — a step closer to creating your healthiest, happiest life ever.

Ignite Your Wellness Journey with our 10 Day Cleanse Now!

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We currently offer three programs, 10 Day Sugar Cleanse, 10 Day Junk Food Cleanse, and 10 Day Veg Pledge Cleanse.  Choose a program that most resonates with you.



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You Inspire Me!

You inspire me. You show me how to embrace my fears and shine a light on patterns of behavior stemming from my childhood that I am now ready to set myself free from. My top three goals upon starting my 6-month program with Sandra was to learn to cultivate self-love, work on developing self-esteem, learn… Read more “You Inspire Me!”

Lori Nguyen
Orange County, CA

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