Beauty Cultivation Services

Beauty from the Outside

Hair Care:  Oil Treatment for Deep Conditioning

This is a hands on training session.  I will teach you how to properly care for your hair and scalp through a detailed step by step process.  You will get the chance to practice by oiling your own hair and scalp by using one or more of the following ingredients: rose water (free of pesticides), organic coconut oil, avocado oil, organic almond oil, organic olive oil, organic rosemary essential oil and/or organic bhringaraj oil.

Skin Care:  All Natural Face, Neck, Eyebrow & Eyelash Conditioning

This is a hands on training session.  I will teach you how to choose and apply nourishing anti-aging treatments for your face, neck, eyebrow and eyelashes by using ingredients mostly from your own kitchen.  The session includes one choice of treatment by using a combination of the following ingredients:  manuka honey, besan, organic banana, organic lemon juice, organic almond oil, organic yogurt, vitamin C powder, vitamin E, organic castor oil, organic rosemary essential oil, distilled water.

Beauty from Within

Healthy Mind:  Affirmations & Environment

This is a hands on training session where I will teach you how to use affirmations in creative ways through colors, shapes, patterns and places.  Also, you will learn fun and simple ways to surround yourself with a high vibrational environment both at work and at home that keeps your mind clouded with joy, peace and positivity.

Healthy Mind:  Focus on Your Dreams

This is a hands on training session where I will teach you the importance of setting goals for yourself and how to go about prioritizing and taking action to achieve them.  Create your very own dream book or dream board in creative ways by using colors, shapes, patterns, words and pictures.

Energizing Foods:  Juices, Smoothies, Yogurt, Breakfast Cereal & Salads.. coming soon!

Juices, smoothies, yogurt, breakfast cereal and salads are made from whole fresh foods (organic) whenever possible.  Menu includes Green Meal Smoothie, Super Food Chocolate Smoothie, Green Juice with Ginger & Lemon, Almond Coconut Yogurt, Super Food Breakfast Cereal and Super Food Salad.


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You Decompress my Issues and Transform them into Answers

For those of us who work in post production 24/7 without much sleep, rest or self-love, I recommend that we dive into the realm of your coaching sessions for genuine healing. For those of us who see the years fly because we can’t stop to smell a rose or look at a cloud in the… Read more “You Decompress my Issues and Transform them into Answers”

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